Princess Anna of Arendelle
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[[Anna from Frozen, both cartoon and person]]

Princess Anna


Elsa’s heart broke at those words, her eyes closing as she rested her forehead against the door, her palm pressed against the painted wood. “Anna…” she trailed off, not knowing how to put everything she wanted to say into words. “You don’t annoy me—you couldn’t,” she said quietly, her throat constricting painfully. “I just can’t come out…I can’t.” Every word hurt and her hand clenched into a fist at her side. Turning, she grabbed her gloves off her nightstand, pulling them on quickly and immediately feeling slightly more in control. “I’m sorry,” she whispered in the direction of the door.


Anna spun around, her back sliding down the door, her bum resting on the wooden floor and her legs stretched out. She didn’t understand what she did that was so wrong, so painfully wrong to feel as if she’s been isolated from the one person she truly loves. She’d do anything for Elsa. “You say you can’t, but I know you can if you wanted to.” She said in a bit of a positive tone. “That’s all you say is ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘I can’t do that’ when I know you can, Elsa. You just have to want to do it.” Anna’s words were softer than most, she was disappointed, highly disappointed, “I just want to spend time with you, I’m stuck in this big Castle with nothing to do, no one to talk to and this stupid door is like a barrier between us..”



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Elsa sat on her bed, her legs stretched out and a book resting on her lap as she absently flipped through it. Her thoughts were far away and she jumped as the knock on the door interrupted her reverie. Startled, her hands clasped the book in her lap with trembling fingers, ice creeping up the pages and along the spine for she had forgotten to put on her gloves this morning. The guilt and loneliness that always accompanied a knock from her sister washed over her and she dropped the book, sliding off the bed and padding to the door. “I’m not coming out,” she said through the wooden structure. 


She heard the tiny foot steps, she was tempted to jiggle the door knob a bit, but she knew that was a dead end. Elsa, literally, locked her out. “Please come out, Elsa.” She said in a pleading tone, “Please?” She thought maybe if she said it enough, it would get a point across, but Elsa was a hard nut to crack. When she said no, she meant it. “It’s like we’re not even sisters anymore.” She said as her hand rested on the door frame. “I won’t annoy you, I won’t aggravate you — I just miss you…please come out.”

Anna slid down the hall, bouncing around. It was the daily routine for the cheerful princess. Though when she came up on her sister Elsa’s bedroom, a sense of longing passed through her small frame. She couldn’t help, but wonder what she did to make her sister just automatically stop being her best friend. Like one day, she just got up and left, it’s like she’s gone away. She hesitated for a moment before actually knocking, “Elsa?”

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//well I want an anna so…yeah. I’m still trying to find a good fc for Elsa so I mostly use the animated elsa for now. anyway, um I have this weird idea for a plot where anna and elsa’s parents didn’t die so she didn’t have to come out of her room for the coronation and anna still doesn’t know why she is shut away. idk its probably crap but we might be able to do something with it? 

YAY SOULMATES. I mean…..o.o But turning cartoon into real life is really hard. I saw that Holland was a fc for Anna in a rpg in the tag and I was like ooooohhhh yes please. No that sounds great! :D


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of course I’m liking your shit. I wanna elsa, k?! xD Of course I want to! And thank you! I was so worried because I know she’s a very popular fc from what I see on my other like 7 accounts I have xD I was worried people wouldn’t give me a shot. And I also do animated Anna :D so not just holland fc :)

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